‘Top Gun’ Producer Dismisses Claims of AI Replacing Key Jobs

Renowned film producer Jerry Bruckheimer, known for his work on iconic movies such as ‘Top Gun’ and ‘Bad Boys,’ has expressed his belief that artificial intelligence (AI) will not replace crucial crew members in the film industry. In an interview with Fox News Digital, Bruckheimer acknowledged the benefits of AI in enhancing the movie experience but emphasized that it should not lead to job losses among the professionals he collaborates with daily.

Bruckheimer stated, “Anything that makes our lives easier that doesn’t take jobs away from people that we work with every day is good for everybody. It gives them a better movie experience. We can make things look more real and things like that.” However, he firmly asserted that actors and key crew members would always remain irreplaceable.

These comments come in response to a recent report by The Hollywood Reporter, which revealed that AI is being utilized behind the scenes in the film industry. VFX professional David Stripinis, who has worked on notable films like “Avatar” and “Man of Steel,” disclosed that many professionals are discreetly using AI due to concerns about potential backlash from artists who fear job displacement. Stripinis described the current situation as more of a public relations challenge than a technological one.

AI expert Marva Bailer highlighted the importance of transparency in the film industry’s use of AI. She emphasized that studios, as public businesses, need to establish deep customer relationships and cater to the technologically educated audience’s demand for transparency. Bailer suggested that studios should find a balance in engaging customers and informing them about the role of AI in filmmaking and marketing.

While AI has been employed in recent films like “Dune: Part Two” and “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga” to enhance visual effects and seamlessly transition between actors, it has also faced criticism. A24’s “Civil War” received backlash for allegedly using AI-generated promotional images that misrepresented the film. Similarly, the horror movie “Late Night with the Devil” faced threats of boycott due to the incorporation of AI-generated cutaway graphics.