Solos AirGo3 Smart Glasses Introduce Live Search Functionality for Enhanced User Experience

Solos, a leading provider of wearable technology, has unveiled a new feature for its AirGo3 smart glasses, enhancing the user experience with live search functionality. The integration of live search with the existing SolosChat application simplifies internet searches and access to artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, eliminating the need to pick up a phone.

Powered by Solos’ proprietary software and integrated with third-party services like ChatGPT, the live search feature incorporates context memory, enabling users to delve deeper into their inquiries without repeating earlier questions. For instance, users can ask about the next Boston Celtics game and receive real-time updates. They can then follow up with related queries such as ticket prices and the favored team.

The live search functionality also proves beneficial for shopping, both online and in-store, as users can easily compare products, prices, and retailers. Asking for the best solutions for a home vacuum, for example, yields multiple responses that can be further explored, including reviews and current online pricing. This empowers consumers to make well-informed purchasing decisions.

Kenneth Fan, co-founder of Solos, expressed the company’s vision to revolutionize daily interactions with technology through the development of the AirGo3 smart glasses. The addition of live search provides users with instant access to an AI assistant and search engine, all through a natural voice interface. Solos’ open and modular technology architecture allows for seamless integration of the latest AI innovations and software services.

Since its release in September, the AirGo3 smart glasses have continued to evolve, introducing features like SolosTranslate for efficient communication in various settings. The addition of live search further solidifies Solos’ commitment to providing the best wearable technology on-the-go. Travelers can now benefit from real-time flight updates, restaurant recommendations, weather changes, and directions, making for a truly immersive travel experience.

The Over the Air (OTA) update, including the live search feature, is available to all current AirGo3 users. The smart glasses are offered in three different styles—Argon, Xeon, and Helium—for sports, daily wear, or sun protection, with various color options available on Solos’ website.