Republican Senators Introduce Bill to Halt FCC’s Proposed AI Regulations in Campaign Advertising

Republican Utah Senator Mike Lee and Republican Wyoming Senator Cynthia Lummis have jointly introduced a bill aimed at blocking the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) proposed regulations on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in campaign advertising. The legislation, titled the Ending FCC Meddling in Our Elections Act, seeks to prohibit the use of federal funds to enforce any order resulting from the FCC’s proposal.

According to a copy of the bill obtained by The Daily Caller, the FCC’s notice was supported solely by Democrat-appointed FCC Commissioners. The proposed regulations would require television and radio providers to issue on-air disclosures each time an ad created with AI is aired on their platforms.

Senator Lee expressed his concerns about the FCC’s proposal, stating, “The FCC’s proposal to impose new regulations on political speech involving AI, just months before one of the most consequential elections in our history, represents a clear overstep of their regulatory authority.” He further emphasized his support for transparency in the use of AI in campaign ads but strongly opposed the idea of a Democrat-led federal agency unilaterally altering the rules of political engagement under the guise of regulation.

Senator Lummis echoed these sentiments, claiming that the FCC’s proposed order is politically motivated and intended to undermine former President Donald Trump’s potential 2024 election bid. She emphasized the importance of ensuring that no federal agency interferes with the electoral process, stating, “Our bill ensures the American people, not a biased agency, determines the outcome of the presidential election.”

The senators argue that the FCC’s proposed regulations are an eleventh-hour attempt to sway the election in favor of Democrats. They believe that no federal agency should possess the authority to influence the electoral process.