Rail Vision Installs AI-Powered Shunting Yard System for Loram in Pilot Project

Rail Vision Ltd., a leading provider of railway safety and data solutions, has successfully completed the installation of its AI-powered Shunting Yard system for Loram, a prominent railway maintenance services provider in the United States. This installation, which fulfills a purchase order made on April 3, 2024, marks the beginning of a pilot project aimed at enhancing Loram’s maintenance operations through the utilization of Rail Vision’s cutting-edge technology. If the pilot proves successful, there are plans to expand the integration of this system across Loram’s entire fleet in the U.S.

The Shunting Yard system, equipped with advanced electro-optical hardware and driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, is designed to improve safety and efficiency on the railways. Shahar Hania, CEO of Rail Vision, expressed his excitement about delivering the AI-driven Shunting Yard product to Loram, highlighting Rail Vision’s growing presence in the U.S. railway industry. Hania also expressed the company’s eagerness to explore further opportunities and expand their relationship with Loram and other industry leaders.

Luke P. Olson, SVP of Contract Services Americas & Global OEM at Loram, emphasized the company’s commitment to advancing railway safety and efficiency through the integration of cutting-edge technology. He anticipates further collaboration with Rail Vision, aiming to set a new standard for railway safety across the industry.