Norwegian Cruise Line Successfully Migrates Technology Infrastructure to Amazon Web Services

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. (NCLH) has announced the successful migration of its shoreside technology infrastructure, including its reservation system and mobile apps, to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This move positions NCLH as one of the first passenger cruise lines to transition its core technology operations to AWS, a leading cloud computing platform.

By leveraging AWS’s secure and high-performance infrastructure, NCLH aims to reduce average processing time, increase availability during peak periods, streamline operational infrastructure, and enhance the overall cruising experience for employees, guests, and travel partners. The migration, led by NCLH’s Chief Information Officer and Chief Information Security Officer, Georgios Mortakis, and Senior Director of Infrastructure, Humberto Pombo, spanned a 15-month period and involved relocating over 100 applications, thousands of servers, data centers, and peripheral server rooms to the cloud.

Collaborating with AWS, NCLH received guidance and operational best practices, enabling the modernization of outdated legacy systems. The transition has resulted in improved availability, performance, and faster application response times, particularly during peak seasons and high-demand promotional events. NCLH can now respond swiftly to market changes, customer expectations, and disruptions, with seamless disaster recovery through the use of multiple AWS Availability Zones and Regions for mission-critical applications.

Furthermore, NCLH has adopted DevSecOps into its software development processes, integrating security into the development lifecycle. This framework facilitates secure coding practices, automates security testing, and mitigates human errors that could potentially expose vulnerabilities.

With the successful migration complete, NCLH is now focused on fully harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize its operations. The company plans to utilize AWS’s comprehensive suite of analytics, machine learning, and generative AI services to rapidly prototype new features and services. By leveraging AI-driven insights, NCLH aims to personalize onboard activities and amenities based on individual preferences, as well as streamline logistics and supply chain management, ultimately enhancing the cruise experience.

Steven M. Elinson, Director of Services Sector at AWS, expressed excitement about expanding the collaboration with NCLH as the company embarks on this next chapter of cloud-enabled innovation.