New Street Research Analyst Supports xAI’s Grok Over Rival Platforms

New Street Research analyst Pierre Ferragu has publicly expressed his support for Elon Musk-led xAI’s Grok, favoring it over rival platforms. In a recent social media post, Ferragu shared a collage of screenshots showcasing his interaction with three different chatbots. While the other chatbots refused to comply with his request to draw an emoji depicting a smiley face exasperated by a situation and pointing a gun at its head, Grok provided a satisfactory response.

Ferragu, who also disclosed his investment in Grok, stated, “One of the reasons why Grok will eventually win.” This endorsement comes after xAI transitioned its extensive language model to open source, allowing entrepreneurs, programmers, and companies to utilize the model for their purposes.

Grok, initially launched exclusively on Musk’s social platform X, became available to the public in mid-March. Furthermore, xAI plans to invest in Nvidia Corporation’s AI chips, specifically the Blackwell B200s. Musk has announced the company’s intention to have its 100,000 H100 liquid-cooled training cluster online within a few months, followed by an investment in 300,000 B200s equipped with CX8 networking by the following summer.

Ferragu has previously expressed concerns about OpenAI’s decision to offer its foundational model, ChatGPT, for free, suggesting it could hinder the company’s growth.