Meet My Dog Challenge App Gains Popularity as a Social Platform for Dog Owners

The Meet My Dog Challenge (MMDC) app has rapidly gained popularity among dog lovers, particularly those in their 20s and 30s residing in US cities. Developed by Momo Project Inc., MMDC serves as a platform for pet owners to organize offline meetups for their dogs based on their personalities and play styles. With over 15,000 users, the app has seen significant success since its launch two years ago.

Rebekah Younmo Kang, the founder and CEO of Momo Project Inc., expressed satisfaction with the app’s playdate service, highlighting the high retention rate of users who have met offline. This success has fueled the company’s ambition to transform MMDC into an AI-powered pet nanny platform.

MMDC functions similarly to a dating app for dogs, allowing pet parents to create photo profile cards for their dogs and connect with other pups through their caregivers. The app has been dubbed the “dog Tinder” due to its resemblance to the popular online dating and meetup app for humans.

In addition to facilitating offline meetups, MMDC recently introduced an online community feature, enabling dog owners across the US to connect, share knowledge, and ask questions. Kang emphasized the importance of building active online communities for pet parents, particularly those raising the same breed, as information can vary widely between breeds.

Momo Project’s long-term vision is to create an all-in-one pet care platform that goes beyond being just a “social media for dogs.” By leveraging the data accumulated from registered pets, the company plans to develop an AI-powered pet nanny platform that offers personalized information for dog owners. Future additions to the platform may include community commerce and subscription-based pet health checkup and treatment services.

MMDC’s user base has been steadily growing, with nearly 100% organic growth in May. The app has gained attention through social media influencers, such as corgibobaa on TikTok, who showcased the app to their large following. Despite not officially launching outside the US, MMDC has garnered users from countries like Canada, the UK, Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea.

Momo Project, still in its early stages as a startup, has raised 1.7 billion won ($1.2 million) from investors, including seed funds from 500 Startups and Goodwater. Kang, a serial entrepreneur, aims to capitalize on the growing US pet market, projected to reach $277 billion by 2030, driven by millennial pet owners who acquired pets during the pandemic.

Kang’s personal experience of losing her two dogs due to a lack of available information about their illnesses inspired her to establish Momo Project. She recognized the need for better access to pet-related knowledge and aims to help dog owners balance their time and energy between their pets and other responsibilities.