Lafayette Outdoor Classroom Amphitheater Hosts Tunes & Tales Storytelling Events

Lafayette, a city in Boulder County, Colorado, offers its residents an opportunity to connect with nature and themselves through the Tunes & Tales storytelling events held at the Outdoor Classroom Amphitheater. The series, organized by the Boulder Valley Spellbinders in partnership with Lafayette, aims to provide an immersive storytelling experience for attendees.

The Tunes & Tales events take place at the Lafayette Outdoor Classroom Amphitheater, located at 105 W. Baseline Road. The upcoming shows are scheduled for 7-8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 24, and August 7. The president of Boulder Valley Spellbinders, David Hooley, expressed his enthusiasm for the events, highlighting that the group consists of passionate volunteers who love the art of storytelling.

Unlike traditional storytimes where stories are read from books, Spellbinders rely on their memory to captivate the audience. Hooley emphasized that the absence of a book or picture allows the words to transport listeners to different realms. Storytelling, being one of the oldest art forms worldwide, holds a unique power to engage and connect people.

While some stories shared during the events may have written counterparts, many are traditional folktales primarily passed down orally. The amphitheater setting enhances the storytelling experience, enabling attendees to immerse themselves in nature and further engage with the narratives.

Each Spellbinders storytime is unique, as the storyteller adapts their performance based on the audience’s reactions. Hooley compared storytelling to acting, where the storyteller’s ability to gauge and respond to the audience’s engagement keeps them captivated.

Hooley, who previously worked in computer science, shared insights from his research on artificial intelligence. He explained that programming a computer to tell stories proved challenging because humans infuse their own lives and emotions into the narratives they tell and hear. This contextualization and personal connection are difficult for a computer program to replicate.

The featured storyteller for the upcoming show on Wednesday is Susan Frontczak, a professional storyteller known for her entrancing performances. Frontczak, who has previously performed for the United Nations, received overwhelming popularity during last year’s Tunes & Tales series, prompting her return this year.

The Tunes & Tales events welcome attendees of all ages. The July 24 show will feature the bluegrass band Spurs of the Moment, while the August 7 event will showcase Angel Vigil, who will share traditional stories from the Hispanic Southwest and Mexico. Additional information about the events can be found on the Lafayette city website at lafayetteco.gov/3999/Tunes-Tales.