Korean Movie Wonderland (2024): Bae Suzy & Park Bo Gum’s Sci-Fi Film to Stream on Netflix Worldwide, Excluding South Korea and China

The highly anticipated sci-fi Korean movie, “Wonderland,” starring Bae Suzy and Park Bo Gum, premiered in theaters in South Korea on June 5, 2024, receiving widespread critical acclaim. As international audiences eagerly await its online release, recent reports indicate that the film has secured a distribution agreement with Netflix.

According to sources, Acemaker Movieworks, the film’s distributor, signed a deal with Netflix on October 22, 2020. This agreement ensures that “Wonderland” will be available for streaming worldwide on the popular platform, with the exception of South Korea and China. However, the specific release date for the movie on Netflix has yet to be disclosed.

Directed by Kim Tae Yong, who also co-wrote the script with Min Ye Ji, “Wonderland” revolves around an artificial intelligence technology of the same name. This technology enables users to communicate with their deceased loved ones through an artificial video call system. The film follows the story of Jeong In, a flight attendant who utilizes Wonderland to connect with her comatose boyfriend, Tae Joo. Additionally, it explores the narrative of Bai Li, a mother who uses the service to communicate with her late daughter.

Apart from Bae Suzy and Park Bo Gum, the cast of “Wonderland” includes notable actors such as Tang Wei, Choi Woo Shik, Jung Yu Mi, Gong Yoo, and more.

Fans of Korean cinema and sci-fi enthusiasts worldwide can anticipate the release of “Wonderland” on Netflix, where it will be available for streaming. However, viewers in South Korea and China will have to wait for alternative distribution channels to enjoy this highly acclaimed film.