Artificial Intelligence – a technology that has the power to change the world, but does it come at a cost? Kevin Baragona, an expert and entrepreneur in the field of AI, has raised concerns around the ability of the federal government to handle the potential disruption caused by the advanced technology. Baragona, a software engineer, recognized the massive impact AI could have on humanity, which led him to launch DeepAI in 2016. With users increasing tenfold over the past year, the free online service was the first to offer an AI text-to-image generator, along with an array of other services such as an AI chatbot and image editor. Baragona’s goal is to make AI accessible even to those who don’t have computers, and the online platform hosts an extensive collection of research papers and an AI glossary meant to explain AI to people at all levels of experience.

“AI gives humans a creativity boost. Beyond that, we can use it to create joy in people’s minds, such as with our image generator,” Baragona told Fox News Digital in an exclusive interview. He envisions AI enhancing human activities instead of overpowering it, and the use of advanced technology as a boost or supplement, serving as AI’s ideal future scenario. However, Baragona acknowledged the potential dangers of AI, with the technology being too powerful and disruptive. With AI rivalling humans in almost every area of work, from journalism to fine art, Baragona outlined three major risks that could have significant implications on society: massive societal disruption, potential job losses, and creating computers smarter than humans. He cited an example where AI could be weaponized to manipulate information and advance a particular ideology, making it difficult to trust what you see online.

“Typically, AI reflects the values of those who created it. ChatGPT is famously quite left-leaning,” Baragona added. He explained his mixed feelings towards AI, with the technology’s potential to benefit people but cannot ignore its possible downsides. In many ways, it seems like Pandora’s box has been opened, and while AI can enhance creativity and elevate humanity, it could also destroy it.
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