Snapchat has just made a bold move with a new feature that is sure to take social media engagement to new heights. “My AI Snaps” is the novel addition that allows Snapchat+ subscribers to share their Snaps with the platform’s Artificial Intelligence called “My AI” and receive a response back. This feature offers a whole new level of personalization and communication for Snapchat users, and it seems like it’s going to be popular. The platform already has an average of 55,000 Snaps per second! For small business owners who use Snapchat in their marketing strategy, the “My AI Snaps” feature opens up a world of innovative possibilities, allowing them to engage with customers in real-time and get feedback from My AI. The feature also offers an opportunity to learn about AI technology, which could potentially be integrated into their own products and services in the future. The press release emphasizes that My AI is a creative tool and a digital companion that can be used for many things, from providing movie recommendations to fashion advice for prom night. It’s clear that this feature is not just another gimmick. Snapchat is committed to improving My AI Snaps based on user feedback and will store all Snaps shared with My AI to enhance the user experience. So, get ready to explore this game-changing feature and take your social media marketing to the next level!
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