Humane’s AI Pin Faces Major Setbacks with Product Launch and Fire Safety Concerns

Humane’s AI Pin, a unique mobile “computer” device, has encountered significant challenges since its launch, making it one of the most troubled tech product releases in recent memory. The company faced scathing reviews, highlighting fundamental flaws in the AI Pin’s core features, such as the on-palm projection and gesture controls. Adding to its woes, Humane is reportedly exploring the possibility of selling the company just weeks after the AI Pin’s debut, leaving the future of the product uncertain.

However, the latest blow to the AI Pin’s reputation comes in the form of a cautionary email sent by Humane to its customers. The email warns users to refrain from using the product’s charging case due to a potential fire safety risk. According to Humane, a single report of a charging issue involving a third-party USB-C cable and power source prompted an investigation, which revealed a quality problem with the battery cell supplied by a third-party vendor for the Charge Case Accessory.

Humane has taken immediate action by discontinuing its partnership with the battery vendor in question and is actively seeking a new supplier. The company emphasizes that the fire safety risk is limited to specific battery cells used in the Charge Case Accessory, assuring customers that the AI Pin itself, along with its Battery Boosters and Charge Pad, remain unaffected. Nevertheless, all AI Pin owners are advised to cease using the Charge Case immediately.

The resolution for customers who have already purchased the AI Pin remains unclear. While Humane has not explicitly stated whether it plans to replace faulty charge cases once a new battery vendor is secured, it is evident that the $149 Charge Case is an integral part of the AI Pin package, enabling users to charge the device while on the move. Currently, the Charge Case is listed as out of stock on the company’s website, and customers who order the AI Pin will receive the Charge Case separately at a later date.