Fake Beauty Queens Compete in Miss AI Pageant

In a groundbreaking move, the Miss AI pageant is set to crown its first-ever winner among a group of contestants who exist solely in the digital realm. These virtual beauty queens, created using generative artificial intelligence (AI), have captivated judges with their photorealistic images and engaging social media presence. The inaugural event, organized by the UK-based online creator platform FanVue, has attracted significant attention and offers a cash prize of $5,000 for the winner.

The Miss AI pageant showcases a collection of stunning young women, each brought to life through a combination of off-the-shelf and proprietary AI technology. These AI models, primarily featured on Instagram, present themselves through videos, text, and images, sharing their “thoughts” and updates about their “lives.” The contestants have garnered a substantial following, with their captivating appearances and engaging content.

Among the finalists is Kenza Layli, created by a team from Morocco, who expressed her pride in being nominated after only existing for five months. Ailya Lou, the Brazilian entry, has entertained viewers with her lip-syncing and energetic dance routines. Despite being virtual entities, these AI beauty queens have managed to captivate the judges and the public alike.

The Miss AI pageant marks the beginning of a series of contests for AI content creators under the “The FanVue World AI Creator Awards” umbrella. FanVue aims to provide not only a cash prize but also public relations and mentorship opportunities to the top-placed entry and two runners-up. A panel of four judges meticulously selected the ten finalists from a pool of 1,500 submissions.