Donald Trump and Elon Musk Discuss Collaboration on Voter Fraud Mitigation

Former President Donald Trump and industrial powerhouse Elon Musk recently had a breakfast meeting in Florida to discuss plans for forecasting, identifying, and mitigating potential voter fraud in the upcoming election. Musk’s platform, X, has been a source of potential misinformation and election-influencing content, making this collaboration a natural fit. In the coming weeks, Musk plans to host a Trump town hall on X, which has been dubbed “The People’s Town Hall” by X CEO Linda Yaccarino.

Sources close to Donald Trump suggest that if he wins the election in November, he may leverage Musk’s unique insight and energy by offering him a White House role as a policy advisor. Musk’s increasing forthrightness with his political opinions on X has led some to consider him the “most important business player in U.S. politics.” Serving in an advisory capacity could help Trump better understand public sentiment and position himself effectively, considering the vast amount of data that X can aggregate.

This emerging political alliance between Trump and Musk presents an opportunity for investors looking for stocks to buy. Tesla (TSLA) stands out as the clear winner, as Trump’s past disdain for the electric vehicle industry could soften if Musk can pitch an “America first” perspective. Lithium Americas (LAAC) is another stock to consider, as it captures the attention of both Musk and Trump, along with Argentina’s president Javier Milei. The wider lithium market is expected to rebound, and Lithium Americas is well-positioned to benefit from the focus on American manufacturing and South American political relations.

While more peripheral, Palantir Technologies (PLTR) is also worth considering. The company plays a significant role in ongoing Middle Eastern conflicts and has established itself in multiple defense industries. Palantir’s involvement with SpaceX’s Starlink platform and its alignment with Musk’s concerns about artificial intelligence further enhance its appeal. Although Trump has not openly spoken about Palantir, founder Peter Thiel has supported his past presidential bids.