Bombardier’s Global 6000 Aircraft Chosen for German Air Force’s PEGASUS Program

Bombardier Defense, HENSOLDT, and Lufthansa Technik Defense have announced a significant milestone in the Persistent German Airborne Surveillance System (PEGASUS) program. The program aims to integrate the HENSOLDT Kalætron Integral signals intelligence (SIGINT) system onto Bombardier’s Global 6000 aircraft, which has been chosen as the optimal platform for airborne surveillance missions by the German air force and the Cyber Command (CIR).

The modification work package for the PEGASUS program is being carried out by Bombardier, with Lufthansa Technik Defense responsible for the system integration at its special-mission center in Hamburg, Germany. The first aircraft, after undergoing foundational modification work at Bombardier’s facility in Wichita, Kansas, has rolled out and is now being prepared for ground testing and subsequent flight. The remaining two aircraft are currently undergoing modifications.

Steve Patrick, Vice President for Bombardier Defense, expressed pride in being entrusted with the critical work on the Global 6000 aircraft for the PEGASUS program. He highlighted the close collaboration and joint expertise of the companies involved, emphasizing the clear progress and upcoming milestones, including the start of the flight test campaign in the coming months.

Jürgen Halder, Vice President Airborne SIGINT at HENSOLDT, stated that the roll-out of the first structurally modified Global 6000 aircraft is a major milestone for the PEGASUS program. He highlighted the unique high-performance reconnaissance capability of the underlying reconnaissance solution, the ‘KALAETRON Integral,’ which is based on powerful German key technology.

Michael von Puttkamer, Vice President Special Aircraft Services at Lufthansa Technik, expressed gratitude for the cooperation between HENSOLDT, Bombardier, and Lufthansa Technik. He eagerly anticipated the aircraft’s flight tests and the subsequent systems integration phase in Hamburg, building on the high-quality work done by the team in Wichita.

The PEGASUS program, valued at over one billion euros, was awarded to HENSOLDT in June 2021. HENSOLDT acts as the general contractor and is responsible for the overall realization of the project. Lufthansa Technik Defense serves as a subcontractor, procuring the modified aircraft from Bombardier and integrating the reconnaissance system developed by HENSOLDT into the platform.

The completion of the initial testing will lead to the transfer of each aircraft to Lufthansa Technik Defense’s facilities in Hamburg for further integration work. The program involves the participation of numerous small and medium-sized enterprises from Germany, Canada, and the United States as part of the supply chain.