Artificial Intelligence Could Potentially Save Elon Musk’s X App, Says Author

In a recent interview with author Kurt Wagner, it was suggested that artificial intelligence (AI) could be the key to resurrecting Elon Musk’s struggling X app. Wagner, who wrote the book “Battle of the Bird” about the transition of power within Twitter under Musk’s leadership, believes that integrating AI into X could provide a much-needed boost to the app’s fortunes.

X, which is currently a smaller business compared to Twitter, has been facing challenges in establishing a sustainable business model beyond advertising. Wagner points out that Musk’s unpredictable decision-making style has been a hindrance to X’s success, with concerns from advertisers about his unpredictability. The author suggests that if X were to be folded into Musk’s startup xAI, it could offer a more promising venture and alleviate the pressure on Musk to revive X on its own.

The potential of AI in the tech industry is undeniable, with analysts predicting it to become a trillion-dollar industry. Its year-on-year growth has been remarkable, with an expected growth rate of about 37% annually. The recent success of the ChatGPT app, which reached one million users in just five days, further highlights the potential of AI.

By leveraging AI, X could transform into an app that not only automates tasks like writing posts and responding to tweets but also acts as a virtual avatar and provides summarized news updates. However, it is surprising that X has not yet launched many of these AI-enabled features.

Maintaining relevance is crucial for social media platforms, and AI can play a significant role in achieving that. AI has the ability to constantly analyze trending topics and deliver relevant content, making it a perpetual relevance machine. While X has faced challenges due to Musk’s decision-making, integrating AI features could give the app a significant boost.

Wagner believes that as long as X remains a relevant platform for global conversations and politics, Musk, who has substantial financial resources, will continue to support it. However, if X loses its position as the go-to platform for discussing major cultural issues, it runs the risk of losing Musk’s attention.

While AI can fuel growth and relevance for X, it also poses a challenge as every other social media app can leverage AI capabilities. The key to success lies in advancing AI faster and with more intelligence than competitors. Despite the obstacles posed by Musk’s involvement, X has the potential to benefit greatly from AI features.