Apple’s iOS 18 Rumored Features Unveiled Ahead of WWDC

Apple is set to unveil its highly anticipated iOS 18 at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) tomorrow. Rumors have been circulating about the new features that could be included in the next iteration of the mobile operating system. Reports suggest that artificial intelligence (AI) will play a significant role in iOS 18, with features such as AI-generated emojis, automatic photo retouching, intelligent search in Safari, and AI-generated playlists in Apple Music.

In addition to AI enhancements, Apple is rumored to introduce a new level of customization in iOS 18, allowing users to change app icon colors and potentially move away from the traditional grid layout of apps. The company is also expected to support the Rich Communication Standard (RCS) for messaging, enhancing communication between iOS and Android users.

Apple is reportedly planning a major update to Apple Maps in iOS 18, including the ability for users to create custom routes and a potential topographical mapping feature. Another rumored feature, Smart Recaps, aims to streamline notifications and provide users with a comprehensive overview of missed notifications.