Apple’s AI Plans for WWDC 2024 Revealed

Apple’s highly anticipated AI plans for WWDC 2024 have been revealed, showcasing a cautious approach to integrating generative AI features into its operating systems. Despite the tech giant’s late entry into the AI game compared to competitors like Google and Amazon, Apple’s focus remains on enhancing text summarization and generation capabilities across its platforms. Reports suggest that iOS 18 will introduce AI-generated summaries for various functions such as text messages, emails, notifications, and productivity apps.

Additionally, Apple is expected to enhance Siri’s capabilities through a potential collaboration with OpenAI, aiming to incorporate advanced language models into the virtual assistant. The company also plans to introduce new editing abilities in the Photos app, allowing users to remove backgrounds and generate content. However, Apple’s AI advancements may not be as groundbreaking as some had hoped, with a more conservative approach driven by the need to avoid errors on the vast number of Apple devices in circulation.