Apple Reportedly Pursuing Artificial Intelligence Partnership with Meta

In a surprising move, Apple is said to be in talks with Meta to establish an artificial intelligence partnership. This development comes shortly after Apple’s announcement of its collaboration with OpenAI on its internal generative AI project, Apple Intelligence, at the Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this month.

Although an Apple-Meta AI partnership may not be an obvious choice, given their recent disagreements, the tech giants seem to be exploring the potential integration of Meta’s AI capabilities into Apple Intelligence. Meta had previously expressed concerns over Apple’s privacy changes in 2021, which allegedly resulted in a significant revenue loss of $10 billion for the company in 2022. Additionally, Meta has reportedly advised advertisers to utilize workarounds to avoid the fees charged by Apple for boosted posts.

Despite these challenges, Apple appears to be actively seeking AI collaborations with various tech rivals. Alongside its partnership with OpenAI and the potential alliance with Meta, Apple is reportedly exploring AI integration with other entities, including startups like Anthropic and Perplexity.

The details of the potential Apple-Meta AI partnership are yet to be disclosed, and it remains to be seen if the collaboration will come to fruition. Apple’s pursuit of partnerships with tech rivals indicates the company’s commitment to advancing its AI capabilities and expanding its reach in the field.