The battle of the century is upon us, and it’s not just for bragging rights. It’s a fight for economic and innovation dominance between two heavy-hitters: America and China. In the past, America reigned supreme as the economic powerhouse, but now, the tables have turned. China, once a closed-off country, has emerged as a fierce competitor, producing 12 times more steel and outpacing America as the world’s largest carmaker. But that’s not all. According to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, China now leads in 37 out of 44 technologies considered crucial for the future, including 5G, nanoscale manufacturing, and drones. The Chinese Communist Party’s General Secretary, Xi Jinping, even boldly declared that China aims to “lead the world in terms of comprehensive national power and international influence.”

If America wants to stay in the game, we need to step up our game. It’s time we protect ourselves from unfair trade practices and enhance our own competitiveness. Our biggest strength has always been our people – hardworking, ambitious, and innovative. We need to ensure that they are better prepared to lead and innovate to stay ahead. We also need to attract the best and brightest from around the world to maintain our competitive edge.

Supply chain disruptions have shown us just how important it is to harden our supply chains and produce more goods in the U.S. But, we cannot do it alone. Strong partnerships are crucial for economic growth and progress. We need to work together with other nations and within our public and private sectors to fuel innovation and set the pace for the future in areas such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

These issues cannot wait – they need to be pressing priorities for our entire country. We must develop a comprehensive plan to stay ahead in the race for economic and innovation dominance. The stakes are high, and the time is now.
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